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NetherWorld – A weird jellyfish handles marriage crisis with alcohol, drugs, sex, blows and lots of odd characters. An indie game for Steam and Nintendo Switch.

NetherWorld (indie game) is a 2D pixel art action narrative experience with an irreverent and sinister plot.

After being abandoned by his wife, Medoo faces his disgrace going to the nearest bar to drown his sorrows in vodka. What started as a marriage crisis will soon become an unexpected, surreal and twisted journey surrounded by quirky fellow travelers.

The player will discover the sinister land of NetherWorld (indie game); explore its darkest corners, get along with weird NPC’s, use all kind of weapons to battle horrific bosses or just get drunk in a bar.

From the beginning, NetherWorld (indie game) developers wanted to create something different, a hybrid between an action game and a narrative experience. That’s why all the fights will be against final bosses, focusing on the story progression, dialogues and relationships between characters.

Features: Deep and surreal story, Dark and twisted world, Lots of characters and scenarios, Epic bosses with unique mechanics, Multiple weapons and accessories, Alcohol, drugs, sex, humor.

Indie mini games inside an indie game.

NetherWorld Indie Game pic

“Bee-pree! Pishee gweeshii rish, sheprii! Wiishi beesh… Rishee prii!!”

9,8/10 Bozky.

Let’s be honest: Nobody reads website text blocks.

If you wanna know what NetherWorld is about, read below.

Medoo. Runaway wives. Cokehead mages. Dirty old guys. Intense cigar smoking sheriffs. Curious biologists. Nosy grandmas. Sociopath wheelchair kids. Flying snots. Religious perverts. Revolutionary slaves. Bandits. Creepy nuns. Shit farmers. Dangerous mobsters. Cheerful chatterboxes. Entrepreneur prostitutes. Elite warriors. Drunk people in general. Wormpink. A big mess is coming…

Oh, difficult to read? Life sucks in NetherWorld too. Get used to it.

Original Soundtrack by RogueSonics
NetherWorld Main Theme

A NetherWorld developers portrait
Dan Barreno

Albert Serra

Alex Fariña

Xavi Farré

This game wouldn’t have been possible without Isa Armentero, our beloved and awesome former artist ♡

A cokehead mage trying to say you something